Wood Panels

Wooden Panels – Using it As a Fence

Wooden panels have been gaining a lot of popularity. Despite offering the protection of the property, the appeal they carry can also be defined as something worth being purchased. If you are looking forward to having them consumed in making of the fence, this can be considered as an ideal solution. At dubaicustomfurniture.com, we have been struggling to offer a wide variety of designs as well as material (all different and exclusive kinds of woods). When it’s about making up a fence, our designing experts ensure designing accordingly. Thereby, allowing one to display this perfectly-beautiful green garden.

Type of Wooden Panels that Can Be Used as Fence Panels

  • Pressure-treated wooden fence

When planned to have this fence protection for the garden and the budget is low, this can be considered as an amazing option. From being economical to chemically-protected from the use of harsh elements, we also customize the color generally in green as it turns grey when some time passes. Knowing all the facts about such panels, our representatives treat them with either a stain or sealer.

  • Redwood panels

Concerning these types of panels, these are a wonderful choice when it comes to the overall beauty and they being ideal for using it as the border fence. Having used this material, we are making sure to protect it from the insects that are seen everywhere, mainly outdoors. Want to grab one? Keep in mind that we won’t stain it for you, reason being maintaining the beauty of its natural color. Alongside the sturdiness of the panels that ensures the longevity, we also make sure oiling and coating it with shellac so that increment in lifespan can be achieved.

  • Cedar panel

If you are willing to visually treat your home decoration, you can always go with the cedar fence wooden panels. Although working in the industry for decades, we have seen the on-going trend for this type for it being a compliment to the homes. If maintenance is your concern, you can always have this one as it requires little to no maintenance.

Why Choose Us ?

We have been struggling in the industry for more than a year or so in order to ensure developing a creative and mesmerizing solution for the audience we target. Besides the quality, we make sure durability and sturdiness are also the keys that can help you make our audience feel the engagement benefits for help after the order placement takes place. What are your thoughts about having the wooden panels installed? Do you think that these are worth every second spent on the decoration? If you are confused about the pattern, our experts are always available, keeping in mind the growing demand and suggesting accordingly. If designing the fences troubles you for any reason, we make sure that what we offer is what we understand from your mind. Enjoy getting the beautiful wooden panels at your doorstep!