Rocking chair

Rocking chairs are not just furniture, these are extraordinary medical devices. While Rocking chairs can be used by people of all ages, there are special benefits for aged people. From improving mental health to relieve pain, the rocking chair is a natural and effective way to help with many health conditions. has many designs that are based on the rocking cradles dating back to ancient times. Initially, it was intended as outdoor furniture, rocking chairs quickly made the transition to furniture in the home interior. 

Various types of rocking chairs:

  1. There is a traditional Rocking chair and is characterized by a curved leg that serves as a mechanism with the chair back and forth. This type of rocking chair is usually the most common and most affordable type. With the design, it is also the most popular of all types.
  2. Rocker Glider is somewhat more complex than traditional rocking chairs design, rocker gliders use lever mechanisms and hinges in such a way that the chair is back and forth in the flat field, as opposed to traditional arcs.
  3. Spring rocker is a little mixture of traditional rocking chairs and glider Rocking chairs. They move back and forth as traditional but are supported by a mounted spring which causes a rocking movement.
  4. Rocker swivels is the one that utilizes the mechanism that makes it possible to shake more than one field of motion. You can apply this function to glide or shake spring to improve their functionality and comfort. As with other types, increasing comfort and flexibility Rocker swivels are made of more complex designs. 
  5. Rocker reclining, as the name implies, are the ones who have a function that allows you to lie back on the chair. Thus, this is popular for homeowners who really like casual seats.







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