Queen Size Mattress

Queen size mattress can be ideally used either for a single individual, a couple or can be shared when there are guests for a night stay. These beds are available in a wide variety of designs and styles, from the classically styled mattress to conventional mattresses and smooth queen bed frames.

Instead of being uncomfortable and limited by a smaller size mattress, having a queen size mattress from dubaicustomfurniture.com can be the best solution for you. These bed mattresses ensure that with any sleeping posture, the person sleeping does not have to worry about falling from the gap of the mattress or having a lean off on the side of the bed at night.

The size of a Queen size mattress ranges between 80 inches in length and 60 inches wide. The best fit size is 10 by 10 square feet. Its superior wide space provides utmost relaxation to the individual who sleeps on it.

Queen size mattress, especially has a fun way to provide a functional benefit under the mattress area as storage capacity. Shoe packaging containers, plastic packaging containers, and folded blankets of many sizes and totally different styles can be pushed and stacked under these frames. This can help you a lot to reduce the items range in the closet and storage boxes, and maybe a reasonable way for individuals to organize things they don’t need in most situations.

Queen size mattress is the right choice for your home because of its elegance and simplicity. They are also the best choice for pet owners, they are spacious enough that one can cuddle with their furry friend on it. Queen size mattress is there to support the reclining position of your body. The solid, soft padded mattress provides you immense comfort when you lay on the bed after a long tiring day.

Why Choose Us?

Time is asset and we respect a lot. At dubaicustomfurniture.com, you are given an opportunity to buy online queen size mattress instead going personally for just one purpose.  Our suppliers deliver with safety and on time. We care our customer and do customization on demand. If, consumer is interested to make online shopping, get up and browse to our website. You will get the friendly environment by our experts and consultants. We work in friendly environment and our designer are always there to serve you with great courage through experience. Customers are our priority, as it makes our bounding strong. We never negotiate with quality and always utilize top quality and long-term material. We ensure our customers that queen size mattress is available with perfect sizing and premier designs. We have wide range of mattresses in queen size which guaranteed not to be bend soon and will be your long-term investment. 

Discounts are being provided to regular customers and for a good rapport building with the new customers helping a long buyer seller relationship. We aid in decision making for our customers understanding their need giving advice for the best floor solution. Our company also welcome all those clients, who make bulk orders.

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