What is a pergola and how they adorn your garden?

Are you thinking of decorating your lawn? Do you want something different and inspiring for your garden then why not prefer to install the pergola on your lawn. It is an outdoor garden feature that makes the sitting area, shaded passageway, and shaded walkways. It is made with vertical posts or pillars. These have cross beam supports and sturdy open lattice. To give it a fascinating appeal the pergola are decorated with woody wines. The pergola is a word derived from the Latin word that means projecting eave. It basically refers to the open terrace or known as the link between the pavilions. It is different from the green tunnels that you see on the roads.

Sometimes people confuse it with arbor. It is basically a wooden bench with a roof. Perhaps, it is enclosed in the lattice panels to form the framework to climb on trees. While pergola is different from it. It does not include a sitting area and it is much larger than the arbor. If you want to design your garden with a pergola then you should first know about the types and features of these exotic garden decoration items. 

The Basic Characteristic of Pergola:

Pergola basically makes a connection between the pools and the garden or a link between two gardens. Moreover, it connects the building door with an open garden where there are available free standing pergolas that are customized according to space. These are not attached to a home or other structures. Moreover, it provides a sitting area as well as allows the complete entrance of breeze and sunlight. Furthermore, the wine prevents the direct glare of the sunlight inside the pergola. To decorate them not only wines are grown rather some ground plants are also planted around to make them look like a canopy.








Green tunnels of pergola:

Unlike freestanding pergolas, there are present green tunnels. These are sturdier than the former one because they have architectural features. People designed it from the architect and have a firm base so the heavy wind will not break it. These have a series of archives having loosely woven long slats on which climbers are grown. The inside of the pergola is decorated with grass while the upper side has partitions to allow air and light passage. These are made with heavy-duty wood crafted rods.

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