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Custom Made Dressing Room

The dressing room is a little corner of our beloved house where we keep all our essentials. It just does not help you keep your dresses; you can also place your other stuff like shoes and bags in the dressing room area. A custom-made dressing room means an exclusive place with a personalized touch for your precious stuff.

At dubaicustomfurniture.com, we provide all solutions for the dressing room. You can purchase wardrobes and all products with high-quality and durable features. From material to design and style, everything will be under your control. There is lots of variety and versatility, from colors, designs, patterns. Add shelves or choose the shape you want; everything is possible with our expert carpenters’ excellent carpentry.

Here are few reasons why you should always prefer custom made dressing room:

Control over quality:

Pre-made dressing room items mean the products manufactured in bulks and bulks there is always a little compromise on the quality. Furthermore, flawless premium quality means a high-price tag along with it. But worry not, with a custom made dressing room, you have quality under your control; choose any hardwood or material which you like, and you will find a significant difference in price and durability compared to pre-made.

Design you desire:

Who does not wish their dressing room was equipped with a designer’s wardrobe? But a single wardrobe might cost thousands of bucks which is not in the approach of many people. Custom made dressing room means you can share the designs with our professionals, and they will design the room precisely like it. You can enjoy a designer look-like design without spending heavy.

Furthermore, sometimes there is a unique idea or design in your mind, you can share your ideas and designs with us, and we will manufacture accordingly. You can put your personal touch by your unique ideas.

Fit to the size:

Pre-made dressing rooms are made of universal shapes and sizes, and not all fit the room—particularly when your room is designed differently, and there are cuts or round corners. A custom made dressing room is made-to-measure, so everything fits perfectly in the way you want.

Fits to the needs:

Every person needs and requirements are different. Sometimes you might need more room for fancy dresses, and sometimes the accessory shelves are not enough for the items. The custom-made dressing room is the solution for all the problems. Add the shelves or shape them in a particular manner so you can access them easily.


Custom-made dressing rooms depict your personal style. A custom made design is manufactured on the aesthetics you like the most, and you can match or contrast it with your interiors. It will increase the aesthetic value of your room.


Custom-made dressing rooms are durable and long-lasting. With the premium quality and design you chose, it is easy to maintain and will serve you for many years.


Custom made dressing rooms are an incredible choice for those looking for a durable and affordable solution for their home. Call or visit us at dubaicustomfurniture.com for quality products, excellent manufacturing and services all over the UAE.

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